Connected: land and water management

Water management is closely related to land management and agricultural practices.

Jimi Eisenstein has created a series of animated videos that beautifully explain the link between land management and water management. The videos speak for themselves—no need to summarize them. One remark: the videos visualize the rationale behind many of the guidelines for water resources management that I presented in two previous posts (part 1 and part 2).

The Biotic Pump: How Forests Create Rain (and help to mitigate droughts)

Climate Change: The Water Paradigm (and why floods and droughts ‘are’ climate change)

What is Regenerative Agriculture? (and how it affects the water cycle)

Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution to Climate Change (and also stimulate rural development)

Carbon: The Ecosystems View (and the impact of land use changes)

Understanding Our Soil: The Nitrogen Cycle, Fixers, and Fertilizer (and how to reduce nitrogen pollution of surface and groundwater)